Why Should You Attend The Value Investor Conference?  
  1. Have the opportunity to hear from top speakers/successful value investors as to how Warren Buffett's principles of investing have influenced their businesses and lives.

2. Meet and network with like minded investors.

3. Unlike large conferences, we strive to create a retreat-like atmosphere. That way you really get to know the presenters and your fellow attendees

4. Conversations instead of lectures

5. Investment process over hot stock tips

6. Qualitative presentations - with actual management presentations

7. Performance over promotion

8. The registered attendees really define the conference - down to earth, approachable, humble, willing to share, very informative, excellent!

9. This conference is designed from the original conference (L.A, U.S.A), by value investors for value investors

10. Learn about the unique processes used by successful value investors

11. Meet top rated management - at some conferences an actual Warren Buffett CEO

12. Meet successful money managers, private investors, best selling authors and business journalists representing most of the world's continents

13. Learn from presenters who are requested and invited by the registered attendees

14. Learn from a variety of fresh new speakers

15. Conference organiser is not attempting to raise capital or showcase himself or his fund

16. The conference is about the presenters for the benefit of the attendees

17. Available on 5 continents throughout the year
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